After hunting with Mike a number of times, I just had to share this story.
My name is Leo Brosche and recently, I talked Mike into "going online" and put this website together for him.

I have been a friend of the Parsons family in Florida for a long time.
But I never knew Mike and Sandy very well, because they had packed up and left Florida in the early 70's.
During visits back in Florida, I would occassionally get to talk to Mike with his brothers, Jack and Don, who were my neighbors.
They always dreamed of moving out to Montana as well.
After Jack moved out a few years ago, I got report after report of the great hunting and "road trips."
To make a long story short, I came out one summer to visit Jack, got hooked up with Mike and decided to come back
and book Mike for a Mountain Lion hunt. Well, after one hunt with him, I was really hooked.
I have now hunted with him for six species with 100% success!
I have harvested Mountain Lion, Antelope, Black Bear, Elk, Mule Deer and Whitetail deer
all on the first hunt for each.
To a Florida boy with only small whitetails to hunt at home, Montana has become my "BIG GAME PARADISE".
I don't know much about other outfitters, but Mike and Sandy are "TOPS" in my opinion.
I will be back to hunt with them every time I get an opportunity and I can't see any reason to go "anywhere else!"
If you want to hear more about these fine people, call me in Florida at 352-546-4044
and I'm liable to talk your ear off!!!

If you have hunted with Mike and have a story or pictures to share,
send an email to webmaster@crowcreekoutfitters.com and I will try
to put your story and pictures online.

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