Crow Creek Outfitters

Many Magazine articles have been published detailing hunts with Crow Creek Outfitters
This page will hit some of the highlights of those hunts
and provide the magazine issue so you can refer back to the original issue for the full story.

Recent Publications

Outdoor Life - June/July 2001 - New Gear Test - Optics
Mike served as a judge along with these other noted hunting personalities.
Jim Zumbo-Hunting Editor of Outdoor Life since 1978,
Bill McRae-Long time outdoor writer, photographer and hunter who has written more than a hundred articles on optics,
Jack Atcheson Jr.- a partner in the prestigious outdoor consulting firm of Jack Atcheson & Sons,
and Clay Crawford- a Montana rancher who operates a 15,000 acre ranch which provides habitat for
Whitetails deer, Mule deer, antelope, cougars, grizzly bears, coyotes, and wolves.

See the magazine for a great, full page picture of Mike.

Just a few of the other Articles

Outdoor Life    "GEAR TEST 2000"
Summer 2000

North American Hunter   Nov/Dec 1996
"Mountain Lions on the Move" by Chuck Adams

Mossy Oak - HUNTING the Country
BUBBA's Wild and Wooly Winter Adventures, Pg 44

FULL CRY  America's Leading Tree Hound Publication
Pg 86, Feburary 1997

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